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You know more about the world when you read STRIVE MAGAZINE. Our hip-hop magazine provides hard-hitting stories about everything that interests you. From music to politics, local businesses and viral trends, we are your source for all things cultural. Our publishing house also releases work from the city’s most talented writers.

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Unbelievable Variety

Just like the versatile styles of rap and hip-hop, the world doesn’t ride just one beat. STRIVE MAGAZINE covers all the news you ever thought possible. You gain greater insight to local and national issues. Our writers share their discoveries and thoughts on a good number of subjects, including:

Local Businesses
Nightlife and Leisure 
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Book Publishing

As an active publication, STRIVE Magazine also plays host to a publishing house. S.T.R.I.V.E. Book Publishing Inc. in Metairie, Louisiana, releases books that inspire young artists and readers. Our latest book offers a look at the effects that drug addiction and abusive acts have on a young relationship.

A New Beginning

The book Friends! Lovers! Hatred? tells the story of a deep friendship that develops between a young man and woman during their senior year of high school. As their friendship grows, so does their love for each other. The two quickly become a couple, and give birth to their son only one year later.

Facing Abuse and Addiction

The responsibility of raising a child leads our heroes to difficulties and stressful situations, causing the young parents to put off going to college. However, their trials and tribulations only get worse as the relationship takes an abusive turn. The young father then succumbs to drug addiction.

The Final Straw

The relationship violence escalates. After several abusive acts, the cops are called and forced to put a stop the carnage, once and for all.

Letting Go and Forgiveness

Memories of a happy past now clash with the present’s harsh realities. With their son, the young mother must reflect on her life, and decide whether the father deserves her forgiveness—or, if she should carry her hate with her forever.

Convenient Access

Full of tragedy, sorrow, and hope, Friends! Lovers! Hatred? is available on our AuthorHouse™ page.
E-book copies are also available for the Amazon Kindle™ and other popular e-readers.

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