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We’re delighted to feature Hip - Hop artist, Rapper DEE-1, and IHeart Media Radio Personality, of the hit gospel show, AM 940 We're WYLD For Jesus, Loretta Petit, on the front cover of this issue of STRIVE HIP-HOP & SOCIAL MAGAZINE. When our staff came together to decide on what we will be covering in this issue of STRIVE MAGAZINE, we already knew that we wanted a hip-hop artist, and social personality that was not only an artist, and a social celebrity, but, an artist and personality that was making a difference in their community, and in the hearts of men/women. Both, DEE-1, and Loretta Petit fits this criteria. Ever since DEE-1 burst on the national scene with his hit single, "I Hope They Heard Me," he has shown total dedication to community services around the country. Loretta Petit's reputation speaks for itself. She has written positive books, she's an ordained minister, she does seminars, and lectures on positive subjects. She counsels women, and the underpriviliged, and she minister to thousands every morning on her radio show. STRIVE HIP-HOP & SOCIAL MAGAZINE is dedicated to show casing, and advertising organizations, ministries, businesses, and great entertainment abroad, but we are also committed to show casing New Orleans' culture, bringing the world to us. We do this by way of our online digital copy of the magazine. Please enjoy our magazine, and if you are doing dome that's worth doing, remember this, STRIVE HIP-HOP & SOCIAL MAGAZINE is watching you.

Terrell Pierre
Founder of STRIVE Magazine

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